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Party at The Secret Garden.
All. Summer. Long.

Announcing our 2024 parties (yes, parties)

It seems an age ago we were together in the Garden but it still burns bright as the best SGP yet; not because of the ground breaking spectacle, nor because of the best line up to date, but because of you, the gardeners.

The Secret Garden Party has always had something for everyone; the rebels, the restless and the ravers, the artists, the anarchists and the decidedly different.

We’ve always broken rules, pushed boundaries and done what others can’t, or won’t. But, as ever, the frontier moves and the frontier is where we like to be. So we're going back to our roots to bring back the anarchic freedom of our early years, break down the barriers between artist and audience, and create an intimacy and freedom that no other festival can offer.

Bigger is not always better but more is more. Instead of trying to do everything over a single weekend, we are putting on a series of parties that each explore a different aspect of SGP. 

It’s time to take the garden back to its roots, back to where it all started; an irreverent, detailed and considered party with you at the centre of it all.

See you then x

The Head Gardener