The Secret Garden Party is going back to its  Roots. In the distant past, before we evolved into a grand spectacle, our focus was on creating connection and interactive fun. We worked closely with artists and collectives to realise their (often insane) visions, which then blossomed into the iconic extravagance of the last 20 shows. Now, with The Secret Garden Party: Roots, we're embarking on a new beginning, with fresh frivolity and new collectives. This is a new playground for us to party in this summer. Anything can, and will, happen in The Garden. We are stripping it right back with smaller, more intimate venues. Lots of them. We’ll still have our favourite artists headlining, but now you’ll actually be able to see them in the flesh, without squinting at the live TV feed 50m out from the front. This opens up groundbreaking collaborations with artists that were just not possible before. Where The Wild Things are returns. We’re a serious party. Great electronic music programming has been at the heart of Secret Garden Party from the start. The Lost Woods return, as does the Doghouse, The Garden Shed & The Pagoda. This year will see even more takeovers than ever before from new collectives playing Disco, House, Techno, UKG, DnB and even faster styles like Footwork, 4x4 and more. Lineups released in January, but there are surprises around every corner. It’s a Secret Garden Party. Remember? Secret. Express yourself. The Secret Garden Party is a space for unrestrained self-expression, where you’re free to be the most authentic version of yourself. There are no spectators here. Take your wildest dreams, and bring them to life in the garden. It’s all fun & games. There’s more to a party than listening to music in a field. Play is one of the most elemental pastimes. Join us in a wide range of frivolous and farcical fun; From old classics such as the mud pit, soc wrestling, and “The floor is larva”, to new ones created by all of you. Or take it easy. This is not a party with spa facilities, but we know that having a space to chill out and ground yourself is vital. So when you need that break from the hustle and bustle of the Garden Party, fear not; the Herb Garden area has what you need. From the hammock city, free yoga sessions & wild swimming to chill-out tents and massages. A party with strict rules. Don’t be a dick. Leave no trace. No brands. No fucks given.
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The Secret Garden Party: Roots is on from 12 noon on 25th July until midnight on 28th July. 

(You are welcome to camp on-site until Monday 29th but we ask that you leave the campsites by noon so we can clear up any rubbish you absolutely won’t have left this year.)

We're going back to the birth of the SGP when anything was possible. 

Expect to see the return of Where The Wild Things Are, the Lost Woods and many more favourite venues.

Cutting edge live and electronic programming, attention to detail and reckless fun and games are a given.  Wild swimming, relaxation, workshops and classes in the Herb Garden will refresh you ready for the next round of hedonism.  Leave your expectations at home and immerse yourself in the Party.

Secret Garden Party has always been driven by new and exciting music, and we have been very proud of our support of new musical artists. 

For 2024 you can expect our unique blend of award-winning live and electronic programming, plus a greater focus on diversity across funk/soul, disco and rave.

The full lineup is out now!

Going Back to our Roots.

A Return to the 'Sauce'

SGP: Roots is us going back to what we were 15 years ago; small & intimate with cutting edge music & experience.

This isn’t for the many - it’s for the few. It brings together the best of the old & starts something new.

Expect rebellion, independence and personality.

Carparks open from 9am Thursday 25th July. Most people choose to arrive on Thursday or Friday but you can arrive any day until 2pm Sunday. But try to get there as soon as you can or you’ll miss something amazing!

  • Campsites/Campervan access opens at 10am.
  • The arenas will begin to open from 12 noon Thursday.
  • The arenas are closed on Monday morning.
  • Please leave the campsite by noon on Monday. There's no re-entry into the campsites after 11am Monday
  • There is no entry or re-entry to site each day between 9pm - 9am.
  • There is no first-time entry to site after 2pm Sunday.
  • You can leave whenever you like.
  • You can stay off site but will only be able to bring your vehicle onto site during the advertised opening hours.

We think you're at the wrong festival ;)

Please see our full FAQs for more info on travel, accessibility, campervans, welfare and more.

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