The Gardener's Guide to 2024

For 2024 we go back to our Roots with a huge emphasis on supporting independent music, reminiscent of early editions of The Garden Party.

This year SGP drops a headliner & fully commits to supporting emerging talent. 20 exciting collectives and 100s of performers carry the flag for independent music across 15 venues.

Where The Wild Things Are

If you love live music...

Our programme of some of the most exciting live acts we have ever found. There may be many styles of music, but there’s only two types of music: good & bad.

The Head Gardener has chosen the good ones.

Asylum, by Ren

If you like life...

‘Asylum’ is coming… A one of a kind show produced by Ren & The Secret Garden Party. Ren returns to the stage with his first solo show in 4 years. This will be his only festival performance this summer.

A true collaboration of independent talent & grassroots artists. Take shelter from the mainstream.

The Living Room

If you're interested in finding something new.

This stage has consistently supported tomorrow’s talent today.

 Be it Ed Sheeran’s first festival gig back in 2007, Liana Le Havas’s in 2015 or 2028’s next big thing. You hear it here first.

Chai Wallahs

You want Bass heavy beats, Drum & Bass, Afrobeat and House? We got it. You want Tropical, Electronic, Sunshine Reggae, Afro Party? We got it. You want Old Skool Funk, Soul and Disco? We got it.

And we’ve got it Live.

The Pagoda

If you like dancing on water...

Carefully curated selection of the best selectors we know & programmed by Waze (Waze & Odyssey)


If you like …. Your food seasoned and your rum punch ‘trong

Culturally rich community space for people bonded by rhythm and groove.


If you like Drums, Bass, UKG, 140, 160

Friday kicks off with drums from the likes of Aries and Nathan X, then into Saturday where familiar faces Badger, Shosh and Danny Ranking bring 140/UKG to the garden. 

The Lost Woods

Booty banging 160 & the sexiest of techno.

Friday kicks off with a takeover from the Super Sonic Booty Bangers, expect a vibrant blend of rave, booty, 4×4, jungle, bassline, acid, grime, all moving at a thrilling 160 bpm and beyond. 

Up next, James Lavelle’s (UNKLE) selects the most exciting producers and DJs in his world of mind bending, dark Psychedelics.

The godfathers of sexy techno and founders of Flying Rhino James Monro and Friends take over the woods on Sunday, and are joined by Tintin (founder of the Energy Raves in the 80s).

The Garden Shed

If you love electronic and bass music.

First there was House, then there was Garage; now there's Shed. 

Situated overlooking the swimming lake.

Night Service Takeover brings the grooviest and most energetic of techno sounds on Thursday.

S.O.S save the day on the Friday with a cocktail of garage, jungle, electro, techno and bass.

Those Who Dance takeover the Saturday and bring the latest in Garage, Breakbeat, House, UK Funky, Bass, Electro and Dubstep.

Sunday get's hot with Bass and Breaks baby!! 


If you need glasses...

Theres more??

G Spot

Garage, funk, house, DnB and electronica  - this is a polyjamorous temple to the Bass Line; pure beats for pure pleasures and multiple dancefloor-gasms. The only challenge is can you find it?

Dog House

Dirty twatting 303s and wobbling basslines - sexy, naughty and chunky beats curated by dons of the scene Lucas and Tongue & Groove.

Bad ideas bar

The place for those with bad ideas. It's a bad idea, don't do it.

Even more??

If you like the weird, the wonderful and the unexected.

The Secret Garden Party is proud to host many collectives in our Garden.  More weird and wonderful shit than you could shake a stick at; expect the unexpected.  The lines are blurred between the entertainers and the entertained, as it should be.

We bring you venues that pair art, music and thought provoking activity, performers that roam the Garden and pop up where you least expect them, and surprises that will make you wonder if you really saw them.

The Herb Garden

If you like to chill out...

Art @ SGP

We're excited to introduce our first ever SGP Collaborative Art Project to the garden this year!

Bringing together grass roots creatives, propagating a sense of community and watching everyone's unique ideas come to life is what it's all about!

In June, we invited a group of emerging artists to come and explore their ideas around the Roots theme during a week-long workshop on site and together we created a range of incredible art pieces that we cannot wait to showcase.

Keep a look out for the golden placards to find out more about each art piece.