“The only thing worse than being in the Hall of Fame is not being in the Hall of Fame.”
- Tom Waits

A laid-back, stripped down tent of acoustic wonder and cosy sofas to snuggle on.


Another space to spot stars in their ascendance, the Living Room has seen singers including Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard take their first tentative steps to fame – and you get to see them here first in the raw. Are you ready for your close up? 


“Wretched the man whose fame makes his misfortunes famous.” Lucius Accius



The Wandering Hearts / Honey & The bear / Skuff & Inja / Sivu / Ethan Ash / Morganway

Sunday Driver / Opaque / Will Robert / Kyan

The Inexplicables / Park Bench poet

Laura Oakes / Amethysts / Samuel Jack

Crinkle Cuts / Matt Maltese / Sonny

Tom Lumley / Flint Moore / Golden Bantic

Annabel Allum / Isaac Gracie / Kerry Devine

Mahalia / The Kings Parade / Sonia Stein

Heavy Sugar DJ's / Pixey / Ricky Boom Boom