"Do not take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable situation".

The Garden lion says that Rights Of Admission Reserved. (R.O.A.R!)


All visitors must be aware that this event takes place in an outdoor, rural location. Please bring appropriate footwear and clothing. You never know what the beautiful British weather will bring so pack for all the elements...


Participation in all activities on site is voluntary and is at your own risk. But well worth it and totally advisable.


All persons will be searched on entry and re-entry to the event. Any items which the organisers deem may be used in an illegal or offensive manner will be confiscated.

Please leave all nuclear warheads at home.


No admission without a ticket or valid accreditation. Sadly, claiming to be the Head Gardeners compost curator etc. is not good enough to grant entry.


No readmission without wristband and barcoded section of ticket (to be used as a pass out). They're your stairway to heaven!


No independent sound systems. There are enough amazing ones already here officially - don't mess with our carefully crafted garden vibe...


No illegal substances points up.


No weapons.


No barbeques or meth stoves: gas camping stoves only. No single camping gas to be larger than 300g. We don’t want you to burn, baby, burn.


No Nitrous Oxide canisters or dispensers. We mean it.


No Glass. It’s for the sake of the wildlife once you’ve vacated. It’s too hard to find those little slivers that might shard off, and where will Peter Rabbit be with one stuck in his paw a few weeks after you’ve gone? Do you want that on your conscience? Well, DO YOU?


No professional film, video or audio recording equipment is allowed on site without prior permission. This includes all cameras with a detachable zoom lens.


No spray paint. The Garden is exceptionally beautiful and weeks and months have gone into its planning and preparation with hundreds of people building and creating it.


No fireworks, flares or pyrotechnic devices - we provide more than you'll ever need to see during the Big Burn.


No sky lanterns of any kind.



Persons suspected or deemed to be carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities and/or anti-social behaviour within the event area or on the Land owned by the Abbots Ripton Estate may be searched and/or evicted. Play nice people.


Persons who have gained access to the event area or the land owned by Abbots Ripton Estate without a valid ticket, permission, or other lawful authority to remain, or have gained access by fraudulent means, may be searched and will be evicted.


Eviction removal will be to a suitable and safe location at the discretion of the event management.



Sound levels at this event may cause damage to hearing. Please bring ear defenders if you require them.


No audio or video recording of any kind without prior permission of the organisers.


No stalls or market sales without permission of the organisers.


All attendees give permission for themselves to appear on both audio and visual recording.


Please respect the nature - glitter not litter!


In the very unlikely event any acts on the line-up have to cancel tickets remain non-refundable