Are made of these?

And who are we to disagree…


Fame, celebrity, and a media that obsesses over both.  And least we mention the huge business that sells us access to, and relics of, it all.  

The one thing that’s clear is we have ourselves a New Religion… of sorts.


But this is a doctrine that offers us a troubling vision of Heaven on Earth; a room, full of our idols,

guarded behind closed doors, with a strict entry criteria…


So, in this Strictly X Factor Love Island I’m a Kardashian #get-me-out-of-here social, instant, online world; what should we do?  

How much do we embrace this idea of the universal right to fame?  And, if we do, should we all immediately start baking, blogging,

dancing, cooking, singing and redecorating our little hearts out, in order to get 'there’?  

You know, that place down the red carpet and behind the velvet rope…


Well this summer, the Secret Garden Party invites you to join us ‘there’ and finally find out if it’s anywhere we want to be.


In the tradition of the bacchanals, we will satiate these worldly distractions to the point where we can finally

break free from them.  And in doing so, gain a true perspective... 


SO, we’re donning our finest threads and polishing up like never before; for the biggest VIP LOL-off you’ve ever seen.

Where everyone likes / follows / adores you, the bouncers all know your name and the Sweet Dreams are made by You…