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The Secret Garden Party is YOUR party. It is a moment in the year when you can connect to your creative powers, explore your wildest fantasies and meet thousands of people who all want to meet you. It is a magical gathering that exists for only four days – away from cities and schedules, brands and boundaries – founded on participation and with the potential to change your life.

It is a festival of the arts… where everyone is the artist.

With only four months to go, we are urging all gardeners to
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if you have not done so already. Tickets in tiers 1 – 3 have all now sold out and there are now only a limited number of tickets left in tiers 4 & 5. We want to make sure that those who are planning on coming to play with us this summer do not miss out.



Our deposit scheme allows you to spread the payment of a ticket over 2 simple installments. You can
reserve a ticket in tiers 4 & 5 now
and pay the remaining balance before 13th June 2013.

Balances on teen tickets and tickets in tiers 1, 2 & 3 MUST be paid by the stroke of midnight on 30th April 2013. If you miss the deadline you will lose your deposit. Deposit tickets are non-refundable. However you can pay the balance on your ticket anytime by entering your reference number here. Please email
with any ticket enquiries.


This summer's theme 'superstition' brings all kinds of strange and bizarre action camps into the Garden, each one lovingly programmed by fellow gardeners and promising to captivate, charm, hypnotise, enchant and enthrall you. Here are just a few of the many, many camps you'll find at the party this summer…

Open up the doors to discover what may be lurking behind. Located in a land of beasts Monsters Ink will provide hours of daytime entertainment for Gardeners. Draw out your inner monsters and rid the Garden of your beasts.But if the monsters unnerve you why not channel your creativity at The Bohemian Artists' Studio - the aficionados of festival life drawing, return once more to Secret Garden Party. Strike a pose and be forever immortalised on canvas by our virtuoso artistes at an evenings' entertainment worthy of the most refined and discerning of reprobates.

Tongue of toad and eye of cod; be sure to visit the Witches of Odd. Enter the witches' lair into a world of magic, spell chanting, potion mixing, join in on a traditional binding spell and make a wish for your inner most desires to come true or even cast a spell to determine the fate of other gardeners.

Perhaps you might stumble across the unlucky No. 13 Club, a very superstitious 80's neon micro disco, perfect for a moment of superstitious solitude. Release all inhibitions and dance your heart out.

After years of burying all you Gardeners, Funeral Camp makes an epic return as the Cult of the Sturdy Virgins. Their ritualistic death methods have enhanced their own supernatural powers through the manipulation of dark energies. WHATEVER your gripe... they have the answer. Visit their
Supernatural Hospital Camp
, they've assured us their occult practises and ceremonies have been tried and tested. Enhance your spiritual deficits resulting in sense of alleviation.


Emerging from the mists of the deep dark Badger Woods the Artful Bagers underground campaign for world domination begins in earnest this year, as they march out roaring, to take on the new beautifully landscaped amphitheatre. Here all manners of wild and unprecedented badger antics will pepper a program of their most diverse live music line-ups to date. Occult ceremonies, animal dance, pagan circus, bizarre performance art and wild fire shows, join their in-house team of immersive theatrics and ecstatic dancers to bring the woods alive with the shadows of joyful woodland creatures.

The Feral Fever DJ Stage will boast some of the most spectacular laser shows ever seen under a leafy canopy, with wild beats from an extraordinary line up of mystery superstar DJs. Heady Balearic rhythms, deep dance floor journeys and old school uplifting classics will be brought to life by a crystal clear system, our thumping dance crew and the flying wonders of aerialists suspended from our old man oak tree. Journeying on sound doesn't get better placed than this.

Badger Bingo returns to the homely bar space and the warm twangs of the northern bingo caller will make you at home in an appropriate realm of wrongness. And the lonely hearts need not go home empty handed amongst all the ecstatic joy, as Badger Dating returns to spread the Badger Love and help you break through any blocks to your eternal happiness with another.

The badger continues to help you break through on all levels, presenting mystical afternoons of their trademark WILD workshops: including Shamanic Journeying, 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance, Mask Making and Dance your Naked Truth: a small graze on the surface of our deeper shamanic selves - where better to explore that than in the warm womb of the woods.

All in all, the badgers intend not only for you to never leave the underworld of the badgers once you have entered, but that when you eventually do, you will be so thoroughly grounded, feralised, expressed, refreshed and enthralled that there will be no other way to put it than to say, "I got seriously badgered this weekend!". Bring it on.


Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Stroll around our fayreground imaginarium where Alkhemysts ply their trade & tricksters work their craft, where tattooed ladies rub shoulders with tarot readers & circus lads & bearded ladies vie for your attention. Come m'dearios & taste our wares… feast your eyes on our Hoochie Coochie girls, wet your whistles at the Honeymoon Tavern & be merry with our Tarts & Tramps. The legendary
Feast of Fools
has unleashed a delicious taster line-up for this summer. Read more here.



This summer it's time to settle scores between ancient societies that have been shrouded in secrecy and silly handshakes for centuries. So don your ceremonial robes and get ready to see the Knights Templar throw down against Opus Dei, Mensa backflip over The Freemasons and Girl Guides shoot Ping-Pong balls at Scouts. That's right Gardeners: It's time for the Illuminati Party. (But don't you dare tell anyone…)


It's been an incredible 8 months since Bastille played an astounding set in the Garden on
Where the Wild Things Are
last year. And we are utterly thrilled that they will be returning to the Garden to play on the Great Stage for us this summer. We caught up with the band to congratulate them on their recent success with 'Bad Blood' which reached Number One in the UK album charts, and to ask them who they were listening to right now and who they were most excited about seeing at this year's party…


Ladies & gentlemen, bewitched badgers, black cats, ladies of luck & mischevious magpies….. allow us to present to you…. a very special playlist compiled by the Head Gardener, inspired by this summer's theme 'superstition'. Some tracks will freak you out, others will make you wobble, but we guarantee that they will all set your imagination on fire….

The Burning Man Project has shown us the way when it comes to installation art in the Garden; free from the gallery and as interactive as possible. Once again, the Secret Arts Foundation has embraced this concept whole-heartedly and for the party this summer have pledged to fund and support art which is interactive in its approach, participatory in its social stance and emotive in its realisation.

This video, filmed for Secret Arts during the weeks in the run up to last summer's party, gives us a sneak peak into just a fraction of the hard work and love which went into last summer's art installations. Massive thanks to all the gardeners, volunteers, crews and artists who continue year-on-year to bring so many astonishing projects to life.

Video by Tali Clarke
Tali Clarke is a freelance filmmaker and video artist from London.  She often works in a documentary style format; her unobtrusive, observational style evokes a feeling of curiosity, sometimes-even voyeurism – creating honest, intimate documentation of her subjects. She also works widely in music video, short film, promos and video art installation.

This month we bring you a wee little taster of this summer's sounds of the Garden in our new Spotify playlist. We have selected just a small few of the brilliant artists from this summer's line-up to tease and tantalise ourselves with, as we look eagerly forward to seeing them play live in the Garden.

You can also listen to past summer's playlists on our
Website via the Secret FM page
for those who fancy a little trip down memory lane.

There are family friendly action camps, theatre, art works and fairground rides dotted throughout the garden, as well as a dedicated kids camp which provides a fun, creative haven for young Gardeners. Some of our favourite workshops taking place in Kids Camp this summer include Aunty Dots magic science experiments & weather casting, Bling Your Thing craft space, supernatural Stick Men making, Mr Wolf Shadow Puppets and pizza making. There will also be plenty of theatre from the likes of the Flying Seagulls.


Many of you have been telling us your weird and wonderful superstitions on twitter which we have been thoroughly enjoying. Here are just a few from our twitter favourites page. Tell us yours: #superstitions @SecretGardenHQ and we'll re-tweet the best (and worst) ones.

"Bad things come in 3's"

"Never go to SGP without at least three awesome fancy dress costumes"

"3rd time lucky"

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