"In The Future, Everyone Will be World Famous for 15 Mins......I'm bored with that line. I never use it anymore. My new line is "In 15 minutes everybody will be famous.”  - Andy Warhol

We’re calling out for next year's creative wonders. Since we launched the Grants Programme in the Garden, we’ve had an explosion of creative work decorating the Festival with innovational pieces year on year becoming the roots of our creativity.


Now we are on the hunt for the new and spectacular theme inspired pieces of 2017. Artists, Designers & the wildly creative, be a part of our credible arts collective.


Apply now for SGP’s Got Some Talent!


PARTicipation:  Theatre / Walkabout form

PARTYcipation:  Theme Camp / Venue

pARTicipation: Art Installations


Art Boats & Cars


Deadlines: 31st January


Live out your wildest fantasies as an Experiential Theatre Character


When it comes to Art on Site, pARTicipation Is the name of the game


Despite our shallow and vacuous appearance, we really do have a soft spot for the tangible so fill out the forms above, but if you’ve got the wit and the imagination, send us a model or bounded presentation with every application.

Contact for details of where to send your physical examples to.


Done the X-Factor? Over the Voice? If you think you’ve got what it takes to be our next headline act, apply here by February 27th for your shot at Stardom.


Kids Area


This years kids area is jam packed with  celebrity cameos and crafty activities. From dance offs to bake offs , circus skills to  sparkle ponies and theatre shows to halls of fame.


For a full list of activities be sure to check out our official SGP 2017 programme available onsite…


Green Arts Area


.. Coming soon!